Used Baseball Machines

Pre-Owned Reconditioned Homeplate Machines $1999 to $5999

Original “Green” Homeplate pitching machines are available from time to time direct from Sports Machines America. These HomePlates have been completely refurbished and include a 6 month full service warranty. Originally built at the Sports Machines America facility between 2000 and 2003, these “green” machines have all the features of the HomePlate…. 8 programs, 6 different type pitches to choose from and ball speed up to 90 mph. Most include the auto feed system that makes hitting practice so valuable. Pricing varies from $1999 to $2999.

Also available are reconditioned and “demo” HomePlate machines built by Sports Tutor….. known as the “black” machines, these pre-owned machines come available from time to time and are discounted depending on the condition of the machine. A full one year warranty is usually included with any of these fully automatic HomePlate machines. Pricing varies from $3999 to $5999.

Call direct to see what is available or would work best for your own budget. 800-251-6716