Triple Play Pro Softball Fielding Machine

Triple Play Pro Softball Fielding Machine $3099

The Triple Play Pro is great for fielding and defense work. This very capable fielding machine can double as a field machine for fly balls, line drives, grounders and can throw to any field with any type of hit.



The softball is visible from the time it leaves the hand of the feeder until it gets to the batter. This is unlike two-wheel fielding machines in which the ball is hidden by the throwing wheels before being thrown.


The three-wheel throwing mechanism is more accurate than two wheels because there is more gripping surface put on the ball.

Versatility and Transport

Use the TriplePlay in the batting cage for batting practice or on the field for both batting and fielding practice. Its versatility allows fielders to practice both groundballs and fly balls. Simple to move around…… just set it down and use the transport wheels to push it across the field.


TriplePlay can throw all types of dimple softballs and special low seam LPM-12 balls. Do not use regular “game” softballs.

TriplePlay Softball Extras and Options

Fielding Machine Balls…From $35 per dozen

The TriplePlay Softball machine works best with dimple balls. Either optic yellow ProNine PM-12 ($35) or Baden special dimple balls ($45) with the red laces embedded into the ball work the best. Also available are the special “low seam Kevlar” softballs from ProNine (LPM-12 at $79) which are as close to a real “game” ball without the high laces or thin cover.

Protective Cover….$99

Special vinyl cover designed for the unique shape of the TriplePlay.


TriplePlay is backed by a 3 year warranty covering both parts and labor.


  • Types of Balls
  • 12” Low Seamed or Dimple Softballs. Do not use regular “game” softballs.
  • Ball Release Height
  • 31”
  • Dimensions
  • 36H x 30”L x 32”W
  • Weight
  • 185 lbs
  • Electrical Power
  • 115V grounded extension

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Triple Play Pro $3199.00 Carrier 185 Lbs.