Triple Play Pro Pitching Machine

Triple Play Pro Pitching Machine $3399

The TriplePlay Pro pitching machine can throw any pitch with the push of a button. Simply choose the type and speed of the pitch desired, push the button, locate the pitch and start hitting. The TriplePlay Pro machine can throw straight fastballs, sliders, sinkers, curves, splitters, change-ups and knuckleballs. The pitch speed is adjustable from 40 to 90 mph and is digitally displayed so it is the easiest machine ever to use. Simple is better with the TriplePlay pitching machine.


The TriplePlay Pro pitching machine uses a three-wheel pitching mechanism that is more accurate than two wheels because it puts more gripping surface on the ball which allows for greater accuracy and consistency.


The baseball is visible from the time it leaves the hand of the feeder until it gets to the batter. This is unlike two-wheel pitching machines in which the ball is hidden by the throwing wheels before being pitched.


The three-wheel pitching mechanism is more accurate than two wheels because there is more gripping surface.


The three-wheel design requires significantly less movement of the throwing mechanism to produce different pitches than does a two-wheel machine. Oversized knobs for height and direction control help quickly fine-tune pitch location, so the time it takes changing pitches is fast and easy.

Versatility and Transport

Use the TriplePlay in the batting cage for batting practice or on the field for both batting and fielding practice. Its versatility allows fielders to practice both groundballs and fly balls. Simple to move around just set it down and use the transport wheels to push it across the field.


TriplePlay can pitch all types of regulation and dimple baseballs. (low seam baseballs are best)


Pitching Machine Balls $65 per dozen

The TriplePlay baseball pitching works best with low seam baseballs. These ProNine LPM-9 baseballs are made of full grain leather and stitched with Kevlar for long lasting wear. Also available are standard optic dimple balls at $45 per dozen and Baden white dimple balls with embedded red laces for visual enhancement at $50 per dozen.

AutoFeed System $1099

The automatic feed system from Sports Machines America will work on any standard pitching machine, however it is especially well suited and designed for the TriplePlay Pro pitching machines. The hopper holds about 80 baseballs (hopper extender 150 balls). The batter will hear a beep and see a series of 3 timing lights then the ball is released down a clear tube into the machine. Perfect timing system with the batter seeing the ball all the way through the throwing wheels.

Hopper Extender $129

The Hopper Extender fits onto the top of the ball storage hopper located on the top of the Auto Feed System. This special extender will increase the ball capacity to 150 baseballs.

Protective Cover $99

Special vinyl cover designed for the unique shape of the TriplePlay.


TriplePlay is backed by a 3 year warranty covering both parts and labor.


  • Type of Balls
  • 9" Baseballs (low seam recommended), Composite or Dimple
  • Ball Feed System
  • Hand Feed (Auto Feed System Option)
  • Pitch Speed
  • 40 to 90 MPH
  • Type of Pitches
  • Straight Fastballs; Change-ups; Sinking Fastballs (Splitter); Curves (right or left); Sliders (right or left)
  • Programs and Pitches
  • Single Pitch Only
  • Pitch Modes
  • Repeat (Approximately 30 seconds to change pitches)
  • Pitch Interval
  • 5 Seconds
  • Ball Exit Height
  • Approx. 56 above ground
  • Weight
  • 185 lbs
  • Dimensions
  • 65 H x 28 W x 26 D
  • Electrical Power
  • 115V standard grounded extension cord


Product Name Price / Unit Shipping Weight / Unit
Triple Play Pro Baseball or Softball $3399.00 Carrier 185 Lbs.
Leather with Kevlar Seams 10 Dozen ($65/Dozen) $650.00 UPS 45 Lbs. (OS)
Dimpled with Red Seams 10 Dozen ($50/Dozen) $500.00 UPS 45 Lbs. (OS)
Auto-Feed System black only $1099.00 UPS 60 Lbs. (OS2)
Hopper Extender black only $129.00 UPS 8 Lbs.
Machine Cover black only $99.00 UPS 10 Lbs.