Tennis Tower

Tennis Tower $1399 to $2399

Tennis Tower's intuitive control panel design means you don't even need to read the instruction manual if you don't really want to. Just turn it on, take less than a minute to adjust the controls and play. This machine has a full complement of standard features including:

  • Speed ranges from 10 MPH to 85 MPH.
  • Adjustable spin from heavy underspin, to heavy topspin.
  • Adjustable ball feed control that adjusts the time between shots from 1-1/2 to 10 seconds.
  • Adjustable trajectory between groundstroke and lob.
  • Built-in random oscillator.
  • 225 ball capacity.
  • Tennis Tower displays the elevation setting right on the control panel. A simple 10-segment display shows you the elevation setting so you can set it to your favorite spot before firing balls.

Tennis Tower Models

There are four Tennis Tower models available, which means you can select the combination of features that best meets your needs.

Competitor Classic - Includes all the standard features except spin control. $1399

Competitor - Includes all the standard features including spin control. $1699

Professional Player - Includes all standard features, wireless remote and Player Mode, which simulates the shot patterns of real players. $2299 ($2499 w\ multi-function remote)

Every Tennis Tower includes a protective all-weather cover.


The Tennis Tower is backed by a one year warranty covering both parts and labor. Extended warranties are also available.


  • Trajectories
  • Groundstroke to Lob
  • Max. Speed
  • 85 MPH
  • Ball Feed Interval
  • 1-1/2 to 10 seconds
  • Spin Control
  • Topspin/Underspin
  • Dimensions
  • 44"H x 23"L x 22"W
  • Weight
  • 65 lbs
  • Power
  • 100 watts maximum


Product Name Price / Unit Shipping Weight / Unit
Tennis Tower Competitor Classic black only $1399.00 UPS 65 Lbs. (OS2)
Tennis Tower Competitor black only $1699.00 UPS 65 Lbs. (OS2)
Tennis Tower Club black only $1799.00 UPS 65 Lbs. (OS2)
Tennis Tower Player black only $2299.00 UPS 65 Lbs. (OS2)
Tennis Tower Player w/multi-function remote black only $2499.00 UPS 65 Lbs. (OS2)