Big Squeeze Sponge Roller

Big Squeeze Sponge Roller $189

Playing on wet tennis courts is not fun and can be dangerous due to the slippery conditions. That is where the BigSqueeze Sponge Roller comes to the rescue. The BigSqueeze Sponge Roller is made of black molded plastic so it won't rust in wet conditions. It has a 4' heavy duty PVA roller on the end to move large amounts of water off the court surface. The BigSqueeze Sponge Roller is very easy to assemble and works great on tennis courts, golf greens, pool areas and driveways. Replacement Rollers are always available at $69 per unit.


Product Name Price / Unit Shipping Weight / Unit
Big Squeeze Black Only $189.00 UPS 12 Lbs.
Replacement Roller Blue Sponge $69.00 UPS 31 Lbs.