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Tennis Ball Mower

Court Serve Ball Mower $499

The Pick-Up Ball Mower(aka: CourtServe Mower)is made from a non-rust molded plastic that is incredibly strong and durable. It will not scrape up the court surface either because of its non-marking wheels and casters. Simply roll over the tennis balls for a scrape-free, smooth pick-up of hundreds of tennis balls. And it will alleviate back strain due to the fact you no longer have to bend down to pick up all those tennis balls all over the court. Each Ball Mower comes with a rust resistant large basket that can hold as many as 200 tennis balls. Having troubles with your current mower getting caught on the net or the fence? Not a problem with the CourtServe Mower because the plastic removable arms never grab netting or fence. The Pick-Up CourtServe Mower comes in a choice of “Tennis Court” green or “Sports Tutor” black.




Product Name Color Choice Price / Unit
Ball Mower Black or Green $499.00
Replacement Parts Price / Unit
Leg/Arm Set (2 Legs & Casters) $125.00
Interior Wheel/Drumkit $125.00
Replacement Handle $50.00
Arm Casters $8.00


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