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Tennis Ball Hopper

Tennis Pick-Up Hoppers $79

Tennis Twist was designed especially for beginner tennis players. Its compact size and easy operation make it an ideal first time ball machine for any starting tennis player. If you can Our Tennis Pick-Up Hoppers are ideal for any tennis enthusiast. Hoppers come in eight colors to choose from — Black, White, Blue, Red, Light Green, Dark Green and Yellow. Each hopper offers a large heavy-duty handle for easy pick-up and carry. Constructed with a light-weight molded plastic, each hopper is both extremely durable as well as light. Our pick-up hoppers can hold as many as 85 tennis balls and because they are made of light-weight molded plastic they will never rust and will last for years and years.




Product Name Price / UnitShippingWeight / Unit
Pick Up HopperBlack, Dark Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Red, or Light Green$79.00UPS6 Lbs.


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