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Softball Sports Cart

Softball Sports Cart $499

The Softball SportsCart is similar to the BallCart except for a few key features. Like the Softball BallCart, the SportsCart is made totally of durable molded plastic and has a lockable lid. This allows for the softballs to be completely enclosed and safe from the elements. This cart has the ability to hold over 300 softballs and is equipped with large rear wheels and heavy duty front casters for easy transportation. If you are looking to transport a large amount of softballs and equipment then look no further than the Softball SportsCart.




Product Name Color Choice Price / Unit
Sports Cart Black or Green $499.00
Replacement Parts Price / Unit
Front Casters $20.00
Back Wheels $15.00
Interior Shelf $50.00
Bottom Basket $50.00
Frame $75.00
Axle $10.00


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