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Batting Tutor Pitching Machine

Batting Tutor Pitching Machine $2199

The newly designed Batting Tutor is an easy to use pitching machine designed to enhance batting practice sessions without costing an arm and a leg. This new machine throws only straight fastballs and uses an automatic feed system. Simply pick your pitch speed and adjust the pitch height with the easy to use hand control knob and you’re ready to go. The Batting Tutor uses the unique HomePlate automatic feed system to time each pitch and will throw a pitch every 7 to 10 seconds. The ball storage hopper holds over 60 balls.

It has the ability to throw real baseballs, low seam baseballs (recommended), dimple balls and Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) baseballs. Use this new Batting Tutor machine in youth or machine pitch leagues. It throws fastballs at speeds from 25 mph to 60mph. It is the perfect machine for that first time cage in any backyard with its easy controller and automatic feeder system. Why should “mom” have to hand feed the ball when the Batting Tutor automatic is now available?




The case also protects the throwing mechanism so there is less risk of actually breaking the Batting Tutor with an errant line drive. Simply plug it into a standard grounded 115v outlet with your extension cord and it’s ready to use. Safe, simple and easy to use. Plus the price is outstanding for an “out of the box” and ready to use pitching machine.


Pitching Machine Balls – $65 per dozen

The Batting Tutor baseball pitching works best with low seam baseballs. These ProNine LPM-9 baseballs are made of full grain leather and stitched with Kevlar for long lasting wear. Also available dimple balls with embedded red laces for visual enhancement at $50 per dozen.

Protective Cover $99

Special vinyl cover designed for the unique shape of the Batting Tutor.

Remote Control $199

The standard remote is a hand held control with automatic or single pitch feed and pause functions. Connected to control box with 100 ft. cord.


Batting Tutor Baseball Model is backed by a 3 year warranty covering both parts and labor.


  • Types of balls
  • 9″ Baseballs, Low Seamed (recommended), Dimple or RIF Baseballs
  • Feed System
  • Automatic Feed
  • Type of Pitches
  • Straight Fastballs
  • Pitch Speed
  • 25 to 60 MPH
  • Programs & Pitches
  • Single Pitch
  • Pitch Modes
  • Repeat Only (automatically controlled)
  • Pitch Interval
  • 7 to 10 seconds
  • Ball Exit Height
  • Approx. 50″ above ground
  • Weight
  • 95 lbs
  • Dimensions
  • 50″H x 25″W x 30″D
  • Electrical Power
  • 115V standard grounded extension cord


Product Name Details Price / Unit
Batting Tutor Baseball or Softball $2199.00
Baseballs: Leather with Kevlar Seams 10 Dozen ($65/Dozen) $650.00
Machine Cover black only $99.00
Remote Control standard only $199.00

Additional information

Batting Tutor and Options

Batting Tutor $2199, Leather with Kevlar Seams $650, Machine Cover $99, Remote Control $199


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