Sports Machines America Advertised Price Guarantee

If you see a product available at Sports Machines America whether from our website, catalog or phone order, but find it at lower price (including shipping, handling and available delivery within two business days) on a competitor's website or catalog for the same identical brand and model of tennis, baseball or softball pitching machine or accessories before you purchase, Sports Machines America will match that price. Simply call Sports Machines at (800) 251-6716 or email at with proof of price - competitors listing, phone number, fax, URL and email of competitor advertisement and any other pertinent information that will allow Sports Machines America to confirm the advertised price is authentic. Sports Machines America will call competitor to confirm advertised price and availability meet the criteria set out in this Sports Machines America Advertised Price Guarantee.


Sports Machines America will not price match competitors' items that are limited in quantity, closeouts, liquidations, offered for sale for less than six hours during a day ("flash offers"), or offered for sale during the day after Thanksgiving. Sports Machines America will not price match competitors' or our websites bonus or free offers, special offers, bundled offers, rebates, financing offers, coupons, clearance or closeout prices, or prices on used, damaged, returned, open box or display merchandise. Sports Machines America will not price match services. Sports Machines America will not match typographical errors or competitors' prices that result from a price match.

Price Match FAQs

Q: What proof is required to obtain a price match?

A: You are required to provide a fax, URL, email or other reasonable proof of the competitor's current advertisement. In addition, we will need a phone number to call the store to verify price and availability.

Q: What does "identical brand and model" mean?

A: An "identical brand and model" is a nationally branded product with the same model number. This item must be new and in-carton and include the same US warranty and same accessories as the Sports Machines item.

Q: Which items does Sports Machines America price match?

A: At Sports Machines America we match advertised pricing of all tennis, baseball and softball pitching machines and accessories.