Pitching Machine FAQs

Q: How does your pick-up cage mower work?

Call us at (714) 225-6994 or (800) 251-6716 or email us at John@sportsmachines.info.

Q: Are the pitching machines for both softball and baseball?

A: None of our machines are “combo” machines….. we make every model in either a softball or baseball type because the balls are different and the pitches are totally different.

Q: What is the difference between the BallCart and the SportsCart?

A: The Ballcart is smaller with an open hopper for balls and has adjustable 3 legs while the SportCart is much bigger with a lockable lid… it has 4 legs that are sold plastic with casters on the front and big wheels on the back. Same price.

Q: What kind of balls do you use in the pitching machine?

A: Low seam LPM balls are best…. dimple balls are ok especially for the softball machines.

Q: What kinds of tennis machines do you sell?

A: At Sports Machines America we sell a variety of new and used tennis machines. We offer two different models of the Shotmaker Tennis Machine by SportsTutor (Shotmaker Standard and Shotmaker Deluxe), the Tennis TowerTennis Twist and a variety of used tennis machines.