Automatic Baseball Feed System

Automatic Baseball Feed System $1099

The automatic feed system from Sports Machines America will work on any standard pitching machine, however it is especially well suited and designed for the TriplePlay Pro and Basic pitching machines. The hopper holds about 80 baseballs (hopper extender 150 balls). The batter will hear a beep and see a series of 3 timing lights then the ball is released down a clear tube into the machine. Perfect timing system with the batter seeing the ball all the way through the throwing wheels.

Hopper Extender $129

The Hopper Extender fits onto the top of the ball storage hopper on the AutoFeed System. This extender doubles the capacity of balls to 150.

Remote Control $199 (use with Batting Tutor or Auto Feed System)

The standard remote is a hand held control with automatic or single pitch feed and pause functions. Connected to control box with 100 ft. cord.

Protective Cover $99

Special vinyl covers are available that fit the unique design of the TriplePlay and Batting Tutor machines.


Product Name Price / Unit Shipping Weight / Unit
Auto-Feed System black only $1099.00 UPS 60 Lbs. (OS2)
Hopper Extender black only $129.00 UPS 8 Lbs.
Remote Control standard only $199.00 UPS 7 Lbs.
Machine Cover black only $99.00 UPS 10 Lbs.