HomePlate Ultimate Pitching Machine

HomePlate Ultimate Automatic $7299

The HomePlate Ultimate pitching machine throws any pitch in any order anywhere at any time. The HomePlate Ultimate pitching machine has the ability to throw a 90 mph fastball, 40mph change-up, curves, sliders, knuckleballs and splitters. ANY PITCH IN ANY ORDER!!! And the HomePlate Ultimate has the ability to do it all automatically with only a 7 to 10 second gap between pitches. If you have a good scouting report on an opposing pitcher you can program the HomePlate Ultimate to simulate that pitcher or any pitcher. Now your batting practice will give your team a definitive edge. The HomePlate Ultimate has the ability to throw pitches at random, throw stored pitches in sequential order or you can practice repeatedly against any individual pitch. The only limitation is your own imagination with the HomePlate Ultimate Pitching Machine.

Home Plate Ultimate Program Features

The HomePlate Ultimate’s programmable features allow for the ability to conduct hitting drills that target specific hitting skills. It has an overall ball capacity of 80 balls but with an optional hopper extension the Ultimate can hold upwards of 150 baseballs. It stores up to eight different pitches in each of eight different programs (up to 64 total pitches). Here are just a few example programs of the HomePlate Ultimate:

Fastballs Only Program

Store a sequence of straight fastballs that include two at 65 mph, followed by two at 70 mph, followed by two at 75 mph.

Fastball/Curve Program

Store a 70mph fastball followed by a 65mph curve. See the ball, adjust your swing and hit the ball.

Curveball Location Program

Store 6 perfect curves or sliders and add 2 “breaking balls” out of the strike zone. Use random and now the hitter must “lay off” the bad pitches and only hit those that are in the “hit zone”.

No Swinging Program

Store a variety of pitches…. Inside, outside, fastballs, sliders, up and down and around the plate…… and just have the hitter look and identify without swinging. Now the hitter can really work on SEEING THE BALL by looking at a variety of different type pitches at different speeds into different locations.


The Home Plate Ultimate Pitching Machine's Unique Design

The HomePlate Ultimate uses a three-wheel pitching mechanism that is more accurate than two wheels because it puts more gripping surface on the ball. The HomePlate Ultimate also features an innovative sound and light system designed to help batters time the pitches. The batter hears a beep and then sees a sequence of three lights…..Beep (the pitcher sets), red light blinks (the pitcher starts the wind up motion), yellow light blinks (batter loads up), green light blinks (the pitcher releases the ball) and the ball is delivered by the machine to the hitter.

HomePlate Ultimate Extras and Options

HomePlate Pitching Machine Balls... from $35 per dozen

Hopper Extender...$149

The Hopper Extender fits onto the top of the ball storage hopper located on the top of the HomePlate Ultimate. This special extender will increase the ball capacity to 150 baseballs.

Remote Control... $199

The standard remote is a hand held control with automatic or single pitch feed and pause functions. Connected to control box with 100 ft. cord.

HomePlate Ultimate Control Center... $1999

The HomePlate Control Center brings the entire control board back to the batting area. (All HomePlate machines come with the control built into the back part of the machine) This special control is located on a pedestal attached with a 100 foot cable and allows for control of the machine right next to the batter. It makes “coaching” especially beneficial for the batter and easy for the coach to control the machine.

HomePlate Ultimate Protective Cover... $99

Special vinyl cover designed for the unique shape of the HomePlate.

HomePlate Ultimate Pitching Machine WARRANTY

The HomePlate Ultimate is backed by a two year warranty covering both parts and labor.

Extra year warranty... $300

HomePlate Pitching Machine Specifications

  • Types of balls
  • 9” Low Seam or Dimple Baseballs
  • Ball Feed System
  • Automatic (Storage Hopper holds 80 balls….Extender Hopper holds 150 balls)
  • Types of Pitches
  • Straight Fastballs; Change-ups; Sinking Fastballs (Splitter); Curves (right or left); Sliders (right or left)
  • Pitch Speed
  • 40 to 90 MPH
  • Programs & Pitches
  • 8 pitches per program (8 different programs or 64 total pitches)
  • Pitch Modes
  • Repeat, Sequence or Random (automatically controlled)
  • Pitch Interval
  • 7 or 10 Seconds
  • Ball Release Height
  • 50” to 60”, adjustable
  • Dimensions
  • 36”H x 30”L x 32”W
  • Weight
  • 220 lbs
  • Electrical Power
  • 115V grounded (must use 20 amp dedicated circuit)

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Quantity Product Name Price / Unit Shipping Weight / Unit
Home Plate Ultimate $7299.00 Carrier 220 Lbs.
9" Kevlar Baseball 10 Dozen ($59/Dozen) $590.00 UPS 45 Lbs. (OS)
Dimpled 9" 10 Dozen ($35/Dozen) $350.00 UPS 45 Lbs. (OS)
Baden Dimpled 9" 10 Dozen ($45/Dozen) $450.00 UPS 45 Lbs. (OS)
Hopper Extender black only $149.00 UPS 8 Lbs.
Remote Control standard only $199.00 UPS 7 Lbs.
Control Center HomePlate Only $1999.00 UPS 40 Lbs. (OS2)
Machine Cover black only $99.00 UPS 10 Lbs.